ES 76 – 1M EVOLUTION – cod. 71810000 Single-head central motor for roller shutter

ES 76 – 2M EVOLUTION – cod. 71910000 Double-head central Motor for roller shutter


Central motor for roller shutter

This is a historical series of the motors, born in 1972, as the first OPEN MOTOR, split in two parts, easy to install even on existing shutters, without any operation of dissembling of the shaft needed. This revolutionary idea was patented and became immediately popular. It is still actual thanks to the constant technological refinements executed to keep it up to date. The motors of the series EVOLUTION are manufactured using technologically advanced materials, which ensure reliability and longer life. The double reduction gear, assembled on both versions of the motor, ensures a greater lifting capacity on all shutters. The limit-switch unit uses the same innovative principle introduced with series UNIKO: great range and extremely accurate regulation at the same time. We produce two versions of the motor ES 76 EVOLUTION: the single-head and the double-head model.


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