UNIKO 1 M GOLD – cod. 72320000 The motor for all shutters equipped with a built-in antichute system
– Manufactured in high-performance zinc-aluminium alloy
– Antichute spike within the flange
– Equipped with security microswitch

ES 76-1M GOLD – cod. 71620000 The perfect motor for large shutters, with tube 76mm.
– Manufactured in high-performance zinc-aliminium alloy
– Antichute system integrated on the outside of the flange
– Supplied with security microswitch



This series is the result of a long experience in manufacturingmotors for shutters balanced with compensationsprings and security systems, in respect of the normUNI-EN12604, concerning the protection against risk offall of shutters with vertical movement. The motors of thisseries are manufactured in high-performance zincaluminiumalloy and equipped with security microswitch.This series is aimed to satisfy customers who care for highsecurity.The integration of motor and parachute in one productreduces notably time for installation and costs of supply.


 The Security Microswitch (16 A), supplied with the UnikoGold and the Es Gold, represents a further protection: itengages when the antichute system is activated andcutts off the electrical feeding of the motors, preventingall possible eventual dangers.The Microswitchs are very simple to install: all you haveto do is to connect the two external contacts in serieswith the Common line (Normally close contact).

Download:Sheet – Instructions

Technical characteristics