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Are Elsamec motors produced in Italy?

Yes, Elsamec motors are deviced, manufactured and assembled 100% in Italy in our factory in Fermo.

Where can I buy your products?

You can ask for a price-quotation through the specific form or contact us at +39 0734 228835

Your products are certified?

Yes they are. All our motors and accessories conforms to laws of the Community Directives. Further, our safety-brakes series PRB are also TUV certified. All our motors are subject to strict quality and safety controls in our factory during manufacturing, before they are delivered to our customers.

What is an “open motors”?

The first “open motor” ELSAMEC was born in 1972. The innovation consists in the fact that the motor can be “opened” in two halves, and can be easily installed on existing shutters: no disassembling or dismantling operation needed. In case of power failure, hand override is particularly light, due to the motor’s perfect reversibility.

For which application is the central motor recommended?

Three types of motors are available: serie Uniko, series ES and series Gulliver. They diffentiate as for diameter of shaft and spring boxes, and all of them can be opened for easy installation.

For which applications do you recommend a side motor?

Taurus motors are side motors intended for unblanced shutters for residential and industrial use. The parallel placement of the motor in respect of the rolling shaft reduces the side space, and facilitate all future maintenance interventions. Taurus motors can lift very heavy shutters, with curtain weight up to 1.000 kg. Lifting capacities vary according to the accessories used in accordance with the total weight to lift.

For which uses you recommend a tubular motor?

Our tubular motors of the FOX series can be used with all types of window-shutters and awnings, and also for small to medium dimensions rolling shutters.

Which are the motors recommended for intensive use?

Taurus 7T; Taurus 7M, Mini Taurus 5,4T, Mini Taurus 5,4M

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