motor-side bracket 1:7 magnum

with double chain
cod. 76170002

motor-side bracket 1:7

cod. 76170000

motor-side bracket 1:5

cod. 76150001

motor-side bracket 1:4

cod. 76840000

wall-in support for motor-side bracket 1:7

cod. 76540000

support for motor-side bracket 1:7

cod. 76520000

Chain for manual override

per metre
cod. 76580000

Kit for chain emergency operation for all models

manual operation
cod. 76120000

wall-in support for motor-side bracket 1:5

cod. 76530000

shelf for motor-side bracket 1:5

cod. 76510000

stop ring

for axle Ø40
cod. 76740000

stop ring

for axle Ø50
cod. 76750000

axle Ø40

for motor-side bracket 1:5, with tongue
cod. 76180000

axle Ø50

for motor-side bracket 1:7, with tongue
cod. 76190000

shelf for motor-side bracket 1:4

cod. 76810000

axle Ø25,4

for motor-side bracket 1:4, with tongue
cod. 76850000

stop ring

for axle Ø30
cod. 76730000

manual override kit with crank

manual override from outside
cod. 76100000

pair of flanges Ø259.9

for tubes Ø 273 x 6.3
cod. 76420000

pair of flanges Ø231.4

for tubes Ø 244.5 x 6.3
cod. 76400000

pair of flanges Ø206.8

for tubes Ø 219.1 x 5.9
cod. 76380000

pair of flanges Ø182.4

for tubes Ø 193.7 x 5.4
cod. 76340000

pair of flanges Ø167.3

for tubes Ø 177.8 x 5
cod. 76320000

pair of flanges Ø158.8

for tubes Ø 168.3 x 4.5
cod. 76280000

pair of flanges Ø149.5

for tubes Ø 159 x 4.5
cod. 76260000

pair of flanges Ø124.5

for tubes Ø 133 x 4
cod. 76220000

pair of flanges Ø160.7

for tubes Ø 168.3 x 3.6
cod. 70160000

coppia di rondelloni Ø152.2

for tubes Ø 159 x 3.2
cod. 70150000

pair of flanges Ø126.8

for tubes Ø 133 x 2.9
cod. 70140000

pair of flanges Ø96

for tubes Ø 101,6 x 2,6
cod. 70130000

manual override kit with handle

(bar excluded)
cod. 76110000

round adaptor Ø133

for tube Ø92
cod. 70620000

round adaptor Ø102

for tube Ø92
cod. 70600000


for manual override
cod. 28030606

axle Ø30

with tongue
cod. 70120000

adaptor ogiva Ø78

for tube Ø59
cod. 70580000

adaptor octagonal Ø70

for tube Ø59
cod. 70560000

adaptor ogiva Ø78

for tube Ø45
cod. 70540000

adaptor ogiva Ø70

for tube Ø45
cod. 70520000

adaptor octagonal Ø70

for tube Ø45
cod. 70480000

adaptor octagonal Ø60

for tube Ø45
cod. 70460000

adaptor octagonal Ø60

for tube Ø35
cod. 70440000

round adaptor Ø50

for tube Ø35
cod. 70420000

octagonal adaptor Ø40

for tube Ø35
cod. 70400000

handle with hook

cod. 92150000

swinging handle

cod. 92130000

cardan joint

cod. 92020000

eyelet with handle

cod. 28030406

wall-in support

with bearing
cod. 92680000

wall support

with bearing
cod. 92670000

kit supports

cod. 70320000


brake cable 4 m
cod. 75130000


brake cable 6 m
cod. 75120000


brake cable 6 m
cod. 75140000


brake cable 10 m
cod. 75150000

brake release handle

cod. 75360000

spring box

cod. 75310000

tube adaptor Uniko Ø48

tube adaptor from Ø 60 mm to Ø 48 mm
cod. 75260000

tube adaptor Uniko Ø42

tube adaptor from Ø 60 mm to Ø 42 mm
cod. 75250000

kit flange adaptor Uniko from Ø 200mm to Ø 220mm

from Ø200 mm to Ø220 mm
cod. 75270000

kit flange adaptor Uniko Ø206

from Ø200 mm to Ø206 mm
cod. 75290000

electronic equipment

interface module

cod. 79230000

Mini Progress LED

control unit for remote control
cod. 79140012


command board for speed control
in three versions

Rak 01

pushbutton for Merak (3 buttons)
cod. 77010000

Rak 02

control device for Merak
cod. 77020000

Acrux plus evo

cod. 79240000

Meteor plus

three-phase low voltage command
cod. 79220000


low voltage control
cod. 93350000


cod. 93770000

aerial for receiver

433.9 MHz
cod. 93610000

flashing light

cod. 93740000


detachable receiving card
cod. 93410000


two-channel trasmitter 433,9MHz
cod. 79020000


cod. 93270000


control unit
cod. 93210000

control accessories

switch panel

for indoor, wall-mounted
cod. 77160000


key selector
cod. 77760000

brake release kit for key-switch Selective

cod. 77800000


for outdoors
cod. 77180000

metal encased push button

with brake release
cod. 77250000

metal encased push button

without brake release
cod. 77240000

built in safe

with brake release
cod. 77320000

built in safe

without brake release
cod. 77310000


cod. 77330000


cod. 77340000

brake release kit

cod. 77350000

release Kit

with cable and sheath
cod. 77370000


safety contactor
cod. 77940000