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Merak, created thanks to our ingenuity, is a unique electronic device that allows our customers to adjust doors’ upwards and downwards speed.

This command board is therefore a combination of technological research, practical implementation and decades of experience. Thanks to this product our customers can work safely while at the same time optimizing their time.

Command board for the control of the ACRUX AB LINK

  • For separate upward and downward speed control
  • cable connection CAN BUS

Available in three versions:

2. PLUS: with control button
3. RADIO CONTROL: with control button, receiver with remote control
4. DIGITAL: for Speedy VSF 4,5M and 6,5M with digital limit switch

Merak Basic cod. 7926001
Merak Plus cod. 79260002
Merak Radio Control cod. 79260003
Merak Digital cod. 79260004
Cable CAN BUS (x 1 meter) cod. 19207080


Rak 01

pushbutton for Merak (3 buttons)
cod. 77010000

Rak 02

control device for Merak
cod. 77020000


1 m
cod. 19207080