Safety-brake system certified by TÜV SUD.
TorFV 14/174

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50/1200 cod. 76950012
50/1500 cod. 76950015

Our Safety Brake system PRB for rolling shutters and other doors with vertical movement is designed and constructed in compliance with the Standards UNI EN12604 and UNI EN 12605 to guarantee maximum safety in case of the accidental fall of the shutter

The system engages when the rotation speed of the rollshutter’s tube exceeds its normal rate.

The safety brake PRB stops the rotation of the tube in a progressive but very strong manner.

The system PRB is characterized by the possibility of being RESETand put again into function after an accidental fall of the shutter, by performing a simple procedure of “REARMING” made DIRECTLY on the tube, without any need of disassembling, or any replacement operation.

The safety brake systems PRB 50, once engaged (in case the position index gauge exceeds the limit of 25°), can not be reset on spot and need to be replaced with the new ones. Engaged safety brake systems can be regenerated, following a special procedure, in authorized service centres.

50/1200 max torque 1200 Nm
50/1500 max torque 1500 Nm


axle Ø50

cod. 76190000

wall-in support for Safety brake system PRB 50

cod. 76540000

support for Safety brake system PRB 50

cod. 76520000